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This course is for the people who want to make their dreams a reality. After taking this course you will have a complete knowledge required to kick start your start-up. It covers all aspects of starting a startup like formulating your idea for the current market, doing market research, pitching to investors, branding, scaling, targeting your audience and much more.


Have you ever wondered about the secret web of cryptography? Have you ever wanted to venture into the world of BlockChains? Do you have what it takes to brand the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain, with your name? If you believe you have it in you, to change the concept of money and it’s security in today’s world, we believe we can help!

“The Blockchain certification course was very helpful in understanding the nuances of Blockchain and the cryptoworld, trading aspects, exchanges, legalities etc. It really gave me an in depth understanding of how a Blockchain is coded and smart contracts are developed. This is exactly the program I had been looking for since a while.”


“The blockchain certification course was the perfect way to get in depth understanding of both fundamentals and technical aspects of blockchain. It helped me to understand the business applications that one can build to resolve real life challenges as well as how one can raise funds through issuing coins and tokens.”

Manish Swaroop

“I would not be much active in the blockchain sphere if I haven’t been here. I with just the smallest kernel of an idea about this technology. I just had a superficial idea about blockchain and cryptos but by the end of the workshop, I got a comprehensive understanding on all the things around blockchain, ICOs, trading in crypto’s, writing and deploying smart contract on Etherium using solidity etc. However, the best value I’ve got is the continuous learning ecosystem.”

Shyam Karnani

“Thank you so much for providing expert knowledge on how to use different trading strategies in cryptocurrencies. We also did deployment of smartcontracts on Ethereum Blockchain. Specially all the different use cases of Blockchain and How to raise an ICO was very helpful. We also studied the different market dynamics and countries supporting ICO and regulations on the exchanges. The course has been very beneficial and value for money. Thanks Pranav for being an excellent coach!”

Vamsi Reddy

Why us?

The Stirring Minds Advantage

Stirring Minds equips you with the knowledge you need to kick-start your startup.

Stirring Minds offers the best resources and expertise for all the courses.

Get officially certified by the pioneers and the experts. Be market ready.

With us, you can learn from anywhere in the world and anytime at your convenience.

We often have successful entrepreneurs come in to enlighten our students and also have many entrepreneurs as students.

At Stirring Minds, we conduct one to one sessions between instructors and the students to ensure that they get the required attention.

We conduct Q&A sessions just to make sure our students are able to clarify all their doubts by providing them with best educators.

We invest our own time and money in working along with a network of few hundred angels and VC’s to get you the capital you need.

Learn from the very best.

The Best Educators in Town

Surabhi is an entrepreneur who is utilizing creativity, leadership, and teamwork to design and execute CareerGuide.Com – A marketplace to get instant career answers from career experts. Her engineering degree brings in a strong tech understanding, whereas her passion for […]

Serial entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience, more specifically in the hospitality industry. Honored in Forbes 30 under 30 2018 list for being one of the best innovators in Asia. Proven record of building businesses from scratch and creating […]

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We, at Stirring Minds, provide detailed courses, crafted by hand-picked educators and knowledgeable faculties, to enlighten our students.
In a world as fast-paced as ours, we simply want to do our part to make sure everybody can achieve their dreams.
We believe that your reality is only as big as the imagination, Everytime you imagine bigger, brighter, better, we want to help you achieve it.
Pranav Bhatia

Program Director, Stirring Minds

Pranav Bhatia is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Stirring Minds Ventures Inc.
At Stirring Minds, startups under Pranav’s mentorship, are working towards reaching their true potential. Stirring Minds with its coworking hubs and a thriving entrepreneurial community in India has touched more than a few hundred startups over the last 4 years.
Pranav is really bullish on Blockchain having the potential to create a new wave of disruption and is looking to support those who want to use blockchain and build new businesses.

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